FiRE+iCE+Boston Bloggers {April Event}

We're excited to unveil our April event! FiRE+iCE is a fun, interactive dining experience set in the heart of Back Bay. Mingle and hang out with fellow blog friends at our group dinner on Tuesday, April 12th at 7pm.

Never been to FiRE+iCE? Here are the basics:
+ food is served at an all-you-can eat price! {price info coming soon}
+ fill up your bowl at the "Marketplace" with whatever you desire - chicken, fish, meat, pasta, salads, etc.
+ then, watch your food get fired up on the grill!
+ choose from over 10 sauces to flavor your food, then you can go back to your table, eat, and go up for seconds if you have room :)

RSVP for our blogger dinner here!

Who is going so far?

Alana of The Good Girl Gone Blog
Alexa of Punctuate with a Kiss
Cate of Ink Blot Photography
Ginny of Ginntastic
Katy Mary of TangerineHearts
Katy Rose of ModlyChic


  1. Bummer--of course work travel interferes with one of these events (again). Have fun!

  2. Hi Kinsey-

    I confirmed yes to the RSVP but will not be joining for dinner, just for drinks. I already had dinner plans with husband but will stop by before! Thanks for organizing!

  3. I RSVP'd but will be a little late. See you lovely ladies tomorrow!

  4. sorry for leaving you out of the post Najeema!!! just added you :) so glad you're coming

  5. i might be a little late but i'll definitely be there!

  6. I RSVP'd but something came up and now I have to stay late at work tomorrow so I won't be able to attend any longer :( Hopefully I'll see you ladies at another venue soon though!

  7. Cate - sounds good, we will have a seat for you!

    Sandra - I'm sorry to hear you can't attend, but hopefully we'll see you at the next meetup!

  8. hey again! i'm so sorry but i have can't make it anymore! i got a last minute assignment that goes until 9 :(