Fashion Bloggers: Bodega Spring Shoe Event

Hi everyone! I thought I'd pass along the details to this exclusive Gilt City deal, which may pique your interest if you love fashion.

Bodega Exclusive Pre-Sale & Sneak Peek of Spring Line

DATE: Thursday, March 24th

TIME: 6:30 PM or 7:45 PM

LOCATION: 6 Clearway Street, Boston, MA

COST: $10 {purchase ticket here}

Bodega has partnered with everyone from Lacoste to Adidas to create special-edition kicks. This fun gathering includes cold beverages and a special surprise awaits anyone who makes a purchase during the event!

Let us know in the comments if you plan to attend!

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  1. Have you ever been to Bodega? It's the funniest little store ever. It literally looks like a crappy bodega and then you walk through a soda machine into the actual store.