Eventbrite Blogger Tour of Boston!

Heads up, Boston Bloggers! Eventbrite is sending ONE local blogger on an event tour around Boston! If you've ever wanted to attend a cooking class at Sofra Bakery, a cheese tasting at Formaggio, a yoga class at OMBE, or an improv show at ImprovBoston (just to name a few options!), you're in luck! Here are all the details:
  • You'll Attend Events: At least 10 of 'em (you choose!) between January 1 - March 31. The good news is, it's on us (up to $500 worth of tickets!) 
  • You'll Tell Your Readers/Followers/Fans About Them: Don't keep it to yourself - share the love! You'll chronicle your event road show on your blog to help other Bostonians know what is out there, what you are learning and where they go to join in on the fun. And of course we'd love you to spread the fun on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc - anywhere your followers/fans are looking to hear from you!
  • You'll Have FUN: Maybe the most important aspect to this "job", you'll have blast exploring the best events Boston has to offer! 
It may sounds like a lot, but don't fret--we're here to help! Not only will we send you a suggested list of events based on your passions and hobbies, but we'll totally play event buddy and tag along for at least a few of the parties, workshops, or conferences you attend! Click here to find out more!
Express your interest by "registering" by Friday, December 20th.  This will take no more than 2 minutes to complete. Once you are registered, we'll send you further information.


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