Recap & Photos: FiRE+iCE Dinner with Boston Bloggers!

Last night, we paraded into FiRE+iCE on Berkeley Street, ordered tall mixed drinks, and filled our plates with delicious food. Here are some of the best photos captured from Boston Bloggers' 2nd event!

{Obligatory group photo after our dinner!}

{Alexa, Marissa, and Alana fill their plates}

{Alana's yummy meal}

{Katy Rose was the target when she had to cook her own meal!}

{Alexa's Strawberry Daiquiri/Colada frozen drink}

{My yummy raspberry lemonade - supercharged @ 21 oz}

Hope you can join us for our next blogger mixer!


  1. Thanks for organizing such a great event!

  2. As per usual, thanks for organizing. I love when we get together and are able to just chill and talk. Yay for Boston Bloggers. - Katy

  3. Love the photos. So glad I came to the event. It was great to meet everyone. :)

  4. That does look like so much fun! Hopefully I can make it to one soon. :-)

  5. You are an organizing maestro Kinsey! Great event!

  6. it was so good to see you Lani!
    Katy of has actually been doing a lot of the logistical planning for the meetups, she's been awesome at helping!!

  7. looks like so much fun! i hope to make it next time.