A Summary of Blog Friends

I am excited to launch Boston Bloggers, an idea I've been building up in my mind for several months now and finally got the opportunity to create. Boston's city limits have a population of over 645,000 people, but somewhere in the midst of it all, lies a solid, talented community of bloggers - blogging about fashion and style, life, food, travel, decor, and things that inspire them.

Bookmark and follow this site to stay in the loop on planned blogger meetups, fun local events, and intriguing profiles on your favorites.

{A blogger meetup at Silvertone Bar & Grill, June 2010.}

{Fashion bloggers hanging out at a fashion show for the launch of Pretty Eventful}

{The Swapaholics plan several swaps a year in the Boston area, always drawing a crowd of bloggers}

{US Weekly's Hollywood-inspired bash at Splash Ultralounge}


  1. This site is awesome. Good work, Kinsey :)

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