Here's what our mixer has in store for you...

Who is excited about the upcoming Boston Bloggers April mixer??

We are looking forward to welcoming a number of new-to-our-event bloggers who will be attending thanks to connecting at the Blog Better Boston conference held at the end of March.

This time around we will be at Lansdowne, which is a great location for the sports fans who are gearing up the season opener the following week. You can send all your good luck vibes right across the street. And of course, we will be offering appetizers to all attendees so everyone will be able to sip their drinks, nibble on our appetizers and chat it up with other bloggers.

Even more exciting is the extra perks we're offering this time around!! Uber is offering $20 ride vouchers to anyone who grabs their iPhone app at the event. Trust me, you'll never use a yellow cab again after using this service. I've only heard and read positive things about the service. The guys who run Uber here in Boston will be there to tell you more about the service. Make sure you hit them up.

We'll also have a few gift cards to give away to attendees for local Boston restaurants. And as the weather gets nicer, who doesn't want to find an excuse to get out of the house?

As usual, follow the conversation on Twitter through the hashtag #BostonBloggers. For information about future events and to connect with other Boston-based bloggers join the Facebook group.

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  1. I'm a new Boston Blogger I am soooo exccited to follow you all!