Becca Does San Francisco!

On December 6th, Boston blogger Becca (of the fashion blog Free Honey) announced big plans to quit her job and leave Boston for greener (and foggier!) pastures. Tomorrow she moves to San Francisco!

I've gotten to know Becca, first meeting her at the Sip & Swap, and later running into her at various other events in the city. She will be so very missed! I've asked her to share a few last thoughts before embarking on this journey.

Becca, what will you miss most about the Boston blogger community?
I'm going to miss the people. I've become "real-life" friends with a lot of fellow Boston bloggers, and it's sad to leave them. I can only hope that the San Francisco blogging community is as vibrant and welcoming.

{fashion bloggers Marissa, Najeema, and Sami}

What fueled the decision to move to the west coast?
I want to try something completely different. New city, new job, the works! There's no ideal time to leave everything and move cross-country, but I figured it's something best done when I'm young and don't have as many strings tying me down.

What Becca will miss the most...
a) Boston Restaurant? The Franklin. They finally opened an outpost and my neighborhood and I go ahead and leave! Try the mussels, they're to die for.

b) Bar? The Beehive, especially when they have jazz singers.

c) Place in Boston? The South End. I can spend hours exploring all the cute shops and great restaurants, and I'm certainly going to miss the SOWA Open Market.

What are some of the places you're stopping at on your road trip?
I'm taking two weeks to make the drive to California. A cross-country road trip seems like one of those bucket list experiences that everyone should have, plus there's so much of the country that I haven't seen. We're taking the southern route and hitting Nashville, New Orleans, and Austin. I'm also pretty excited to drive up the California coast, I've heard it's beautiful.

What are you most excited to see in San Francisco?
Please don't think that I'm a crazy person for admitting that I've never even been to San Francisco! I'm excited to do lots of exploring and get to know all the different neighborhoods, but I'm definitely going to make sure to hit some of the touristy sights as well. Plus, I can't wait to plan a trip to Napa for wine-tasting.

Follow Becca's adventures to the golden coast by following her on Twitter, and reading her blog Free Honey!


  1. awww, this post makes me sad already!!! becca, don't leave!

  2. What a great way to send her off to her next adventures! Best of luck, Becca! We'll miss you in Boston.